Hitler’s Return – Nightmare or Daydream?

Michael Daxner

There are worse places to live in Germany. The old residential town of Potsdam became a city of oscillating political significance, a conservative center of Prussia, a reactionary hotbed of the Republic of Weimar, a city of Nazi self-representation, and a headquarter of Soviet and GDR state security, prisons and secret services. After the unification

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The reconstruction of the Garrison Church in Potsdam, which began in 2017, is intended – according to the project’s supporters – not least to create a place of learning about German history here. In August 2019, the chairman of the scientific advisory board of the Garrison Church Potsdam Foundation said: „The Garrison Church must show

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Why the Reconstruction of a Potsdam Church Is a Political Issue

Philipp Oswalt

Since 2017, the Garrison Church in Potsdam, southwest of Berlin, has undergone reconstruction with federal funds under the patronage of Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The Garrison Church is a symbol of Prussian militarism and since 1919 a symbolic location for German nationalistic, antidemocratic right-wing forces.

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